Writing inside organizations

Tom Critchlow has a great post here outlining some points on how important writing is for an organization.

I'm still working through the links, but his post already sparked some ideas. In particular, I'm very interested in the idea of an internal blog for sharing context.


My team keeps snippets, which kinda-sorta feels like a blog-like interface for sharing context. We keep our snippets in a google doc largely because it has a low barrier to entry and it's a fast solution. However, I find that keeping snippets in a doc really limits the value I personally get from keeping a weekly log. Ostensibly, the value to writing snippets is keeping my team up to date on my work. However, I find that the secondary personal benefits are the ones that keep me motivated to write updates.

For example, I like taking a retrospective look at my work for each quarter to evaluate whether I'm working on the right projects. Also, perf season is coming up and it's nice to be able to review my snippets for the last two quarters. These are both really easy to do with the text-file logs I keep locally.

Another problem I run into is that my work rarely follows a weekly periodicity. It's usually closer to a 10-calendar-day cycle. That means I'm often in the middle of a sprint when I'm documenting my progress (unwieldy). A blog-like feed for our team snippets would remove the weekly periodicity requirement and make it easier for me to give updates when I have them.

I also give updates to a few different teams, which requires filtering and duplicating my updates in a few different docs.

I'm off topic now, but the point is I'd get more value out of our team snippets if I had a good tool for syndicating my own notes into a central log.


This type of central log is probably useful for sharing analyses as well. It feels similar to the Indexed stage of the Analysis Maturation Plan. I'd love to share early-stage analyses with my team. Most of the updates wouldn't be broadly interesting but it's nice to be able to explore other peoples analyses when I have extra time or feel low energy.

This would be particularly nice if the blog were a semi-private space for analysts. Kind of like a Digital Sidewalk. This reduces some of the stress of sharing early-stage results. Fellow analysts are OK with being skeptical of results and seeing the sausage get made.


I'm out of time for now, but I'll be thinking about this more soon. In general, I'm bullish on this idea of an internal blog for sharing context.

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