Daily Writing and the "Notebook" Category

This past weekend I found drmaciver's post on starting a daily writing practice. I like the idea and I'm going to give it a try.

The content on this blog has never been all that polished, but I do expect these daily posts will be less consistent in quality and topic. I'm fine with that. My goal for this blog has always been to (1) become a better writer. and (2) share context with my peers or anyone interested. Writing daily supports both of those goals.

I do, however, want folks to be able to opt-out of my quantity-over-quality writing. To that end, I've started a new category for my daily writing called "Notebook" (per drmaciver's suggestion). If you don't want to see these notebook entries, I recommend subscribing to the Mozilla RSS feed or reading from the Mozilla category. These are the feeds that get syndicated to Planet Mozilla.

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