Removing Disqus

I'm removing Disqus from this blog. Disqus allowed readers to post comments on articles. I added it because it was easy to do, but I no longer think it's worth keeping.

If you'd like to share your thoughts, feel free to shoot me an email at harterrt on gmail. I try to respond to all of my email daily.


Disqus started showing a red notification symbol at the bottom of every post. The notification is just a distraction aimed at increasing engagement with the comments. It's ugly and I don't like the distraction is introduces to my posts. This is my primary complaint.

Beyond that, there are just small annoyances. E.g. I don't need another inbox to maintain and I think the UI is a little ugly.


There aren't many. I've only had one comment on this blog, and I'm confident I would have gotten that feedback through other channels had the comment system not been available.

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