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Intentional Documentation

Randy Au has a great post on documentation for data scientists here: Let's get intentional about documentation. Take a look, it's worth a read.

I've been able to find some decent guides for writing documentation but they're usually targeted at engineers. That's a shame. Data scientists have significantly different constraints …

Documentation Style Guide

I just wrote up a style guide for our team's documentation. The documentation is rendered using Gitbook and hosted on Github Pages. You can find the PR here but I figured it's worth sharing here as well.

Style Guide

Articles should be written in Markdown (not AsciiDoc). Markdown is usually …

Literature Review: Writing Great Documentation

I'm working on a big overhaul of my team's documentation. I've noticed writing documentation is a difficult thing to get right. I haven't seen any great example for a data product, either. I don't have much experience in this area, so I decided to review what's already been written about …

Why Markdown?


Last week I finished a pull request that moved some documentation from mozilla's wiki to a github repository. It took a couple of hours of editing and toying with pandoc to get right, but when I was done, I realized the benefits were difficult to see. So, I decided …

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